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Hepatitis is a disease that comes in varying forms, which also have varying amounts of severity. Most people know what Hepatitis C is, based on the fact that it is a deadly disease that has no cure, which can have devastating health effects. There is also Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B, which are not as bad, and will go away once they are treated. One of the first signs that someone has Hepatitis is yellow eyes, which are usually noticed when they are just slightly yellow. Yellowing of the skin is another sign, as well as dark urine and a pain in the lower abdomen, which is common in the less serious forms of Hepatitis. These symptoms are generally based on the liver having a troubling time processing the blood, which lead to all of these symptoms. Hepatitis C on the other hand may go completely undetected, as there are not clear cut signs that a person may notice. Most of the time when a person finds out that they do in fact have Hepatitis C, it comes from going to the doctor or the hospital for any reason and having them take a blood or a urine test.

This may indicate that something is wrong and a doctor may want additional work to be done. Occasionally, if a doctor suspects that one of their patients may have Hepatitis, they may have them go the hospital and have an ultrasound. While most people tend to think that this is only done when a person is going to have a baby, it is a procedure that can let a doctor know if Hepatitis is in fact present or not. Hepatitis C is something that totally changes the way that a person lives their life, as you can catch Hepatitis C from another person, so this is definitely something that you want to avoid at all costs. The lower forms of Hepatitis are also diseases that you really do not want to catch, but you can think of them more on the lines of catching mono, or something similar, and there are usually noticeable symptoms.